Essex Dogging Contacts

Filthy slut bent over a car and fucked by a stranger while out dogging in Brightlingsea.

Have you heard about this kinky craze that’s making its way through Essex? Dogging involves women having sex out in the open. Usually it involves a single woman and multiple men, and it’s often videotaped to watch over and over again. The thrill of it all is the fact that they could get caught at any second, as well as the voyeuristic aspect to the whole thing.

I was totally up for it. I’ve always been the kind of guy who was into some crazy sex games, but when I heard about Essex dogging, I knew that this was what I was looking for. After looking on the internet to find out what I could about the whole phenomenon, I found Essex Swingers is home to people who live in the Essex area who are into having sex outside their marriage. A few of these lovely ladies have the dogging fetish, and are looking for men to take part in their fantasies.

After I got in touch with a few, I was invited along on a night out in Epping Forest. There was the hottie wife (a tasty twenty something with a pair of lips that could suck a thread through the eye of a needle), a few other blokes like me, and her husband who was there to watch and video the whole thing. Not only did I get sucked off right in the middle of the woods, I got to watch this Essex girl get boned from behind by one guy while giving a hand job to another and sucking off a third. This bird had talent! Her husband directed us all around – told us what to do, told her when to move so he could get the best camera angle.

There were a few dog walkers that night that I’m sure knew what we were up to, but this girl didn’t have any worries about that. She even got louder when one of the more nervous blokes told her to shush. I’m sure this Essex dogger wanted to get caught.

When that was done, she sent me the link to the video she had uploaded to the internet. All you can see of me is my boner and my hands grabbing a handful of her hair. I’m telling you, if you ever want to find out about Essex dogging, head over to and check out all the crazy chicks!

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