Essex couples looking for singles

Canvey Island housewife lets a stranger mess with her while looking in to her husbands eyes.

My wife and I were getting a bit bored with our current circle of ‘friends’. I say friends in that manner since they’re a bit more than friends, I suppose. Most of them are also lovers. We’re swingers, and we exchange partners with other couples to sex, as well as take in other singles into our relationship for threesomes or group sex. We were having some trouble finding some new friends. Swingers looking for singles in Essex isn’t exactly like finding a new boyfriend. Try UK Sex Contacts for free!

After doing a bit of searching on the internet, we found Swingers looking for singles in Essex use this site to find open minded lovers, dogging contacts as well as other couples to wife swap. In no time we found ourselves a cute young woman from Harlow to share our bed with. She had the same problem we were facing – trying to find new lovers to have some swinging fun with. We had both tried the same routes like going to swinger’s clubs, looking on personal ads, and even checking out Craigslist. She’d found people alright, the same ones we found. Scam artists, fake phone sex lines, and religious nuts looking to convert us from our wicked ways.

Luckily, let us find each other. After signing up to the web site and completing a simple profile, we were able to check out other couples in the Essex area who wanted to wife swap. We also found Ruby, our new friend with benefits. We chatted with Ruby online and got to know her a bit before inviting her out for a drink to meet us in the flesh. That night we introduced her to more of our flesh and had an amazing three way, complete with multiple orgasms, double penetration (thanks to my hot wife’s love of strap-ons), and more oral sex than a barely-legal porno. Swingers looking for singles in Essex have never had it quite so good!

The ladies on this site are some of the best looking ones I’ve found on the internet involved in swinger’s forums. They’re young, lean, well educated, intelligent, and have the sexual appetites that will keep even the most ardent nympho in check! There might be other web sites out there for swingers to meet, but if you’re looking for amazing women in the Essex area who are open to swinging, you need to get onto soon (before I scoop them all up)!

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